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Italy has long been recognized as the world leader in design. Italian cars, jewelry, leather, fashion and furniture are admired around the world. But did you

know that Italy is also a leader in faucet design? In fact, there is a region of Italy known as the “valley of the faucets”. It’s true.

For 2012 GPSAC is proud to welcome one of the finest and most creative of the Italian faucet world. Introducing Aquabrass.

Aquabrass has been a GPS partner for over 10 years and we have seen the line evolve quite a bit over that time. What I love about Aquabrass is the that their collections are creative but not outlandish.  Creating something that looks “different” is one thing, but to have it also be beautiful and functional is much harder. Aquabrass does it very well.

X-clusive is the primary faucet group and takes inspiration from many sources. For example, “Martini” does replicate the chic and stylish dynamism that the drink has been associated with, while also modernizing the water usage. “Bridge” is a sculpture design based on the complex architectural design of bridges (both by designer Remi Theberge).

Streem by Aquabrass

Martini by Aquabrass

Bridge by Aquabrass

“Stream”, by designer Davide Bregoli, uses pure, clean lines and yields a freely flowing cascade of water in it open spout design.

Hey Joe by Aquabrass

Marizo Duranti is the creative force behind three beautiful and fun designs; “Love Me”, “Hey Joe” and “Belmondo”. “Belmondo” is a contemporary look with art-deco roots and was created as a tribute to the 1920’s and 30’s. “Love Me” is just plain fun. This may sound silly but I think the single hole lav faucet is cute and the open, flume spout adds sparkle. “Hey Joe” is indeed inspired by Jimi Hendrix with a lever handle based on the whammy bar shape from his guitar.

Cut by Aquabrass

“Cut”, by Giancarlo Vegni, is surprising the first time you see it. Very simple but with a startling detail it should been seen in person to be really appreciated. Vegni is also the creator of “Blok”, a minimalist collection that seeks to marry functionality with originality. Does it succeed? We think so.

Aquabrass also includes the “Splendor” and “blueprint” collection which both feature more familiar designs. “Sahara” is one that has taken a comfortable look and stretched it a little to create something more interesting.

Aquabrass also excels in the shower. “Cura” is the exciting new introduction for a unique shower creation. “Cura” is more than water; color and fragrance are embraced, providing a complete haven of relaxation. Hydrotherapy, chromatherapy and aromatherapy mix to create the complete environment.

Cura by Aquabrass

If Cura is more than you need there are still many, many choices for you in the Aquabrass shower collection. Round, square and traditional rainheads, multi-function heads, shower columns and even multi-colored squeezable models that are perfect for a child’s bath room.

Drop by Aquabrass

These products really must be seen to truly appreciate the beauty. We currently feature examples of 9 Aquabrass collections including many of the models pictured here. We invite you to come see them soon.

Blok by Aquabrass

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