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Grohflex is the new universal rough in system From Grohe. A universal rough is the housing that allows you to install the rough plumbing but not add the trim and operating cartridge until trim out. Now rough-in does not have to wait while style and finishes are decided. But the really exciting thing about Grohflex is the flexibility it gives you in creating your shower.

Today, building codes require showers to include safety valves; so pressure balanced or thermostatic valves. Typical

Grohflex Rough

pressure balance valves come in two types. Either as a cycling valve, meaning you start at cold and turn the handle until you get to the right temperature, with no volume control. You can also get some PB valves that offer volume control and pressure balancing. But with the exception of a couple of expensive models these valves can be difficult to use. Have you ever had the experience of trying to tap the handle just right to get the temperature you want?

Grohflex is the solution. Grohflex offers 5 function options; single and dual function pressure balance, single and dual function thermostatic and a custom shower thermostatic option. Single function valves are for shower only or tub and shower installations using a diverter tub spout. Dual function allows for two shower functions (shower head and a hand shower or two heads) or a tub and shower using a non-diverter type spout. The Custom shower thermostat will still require the use of separate volume controls.

Cosmopolitian Dual Function

Authentic Dual Function Thermo

Grohflex keeps it simple. Trim is available in three design groups; Cosmopolitan for a rounded clean look, Timeless for a more architectural style and Authentic for traditional designs. All are available in chrome and brushed nickel. The Authentic group can also be ordered in polished nickel and oil rubbed bronze.

While this system is not entirely new to the industry Grohe has done a couple of things different. In the past these valve types have used two separate handles, one for volume and one for temperature control. Grohe decided that they would incorporate the two handle on one post making the look less cluttered.

Grohe has also included a Dual Function pressure balance option which is a more price competitive option when compared to thermostatic.

Grohflex makes it easier for showrooms, designers, plumbers and homeowners to keep the project moving while offering high quality and choice.

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