Porcher LXP Toilet Collection – Perfomance and Luxury

For many years Porcher has been a respected product in the luxury plumbing market.  In the last couple of years Porcher has continued their flair for good design with the introduction of some truly different toilets, the LXP collection. These models are created primarily with a one piece design and a unique look. In addition, the new Porcher toilets have top of the line performance with a 1000 gram MAP score on most models. This while meeting the new HET requirements for California. The LXP toilets are also universal height (ADA).

Porcher Solutions Collection

Most of the new Porcher models are “Transitional” in design “Transitional” is a look drawn from traditional patterns but trimmed to have a clean, more up-to-date look. This means these designs can integrate into a traditional look or into one that is more contemporary.

Porcher HET Veneto

Veneto, Chapeau and Ovale are all excellent examples of Transitional design. The new LXP Veneto is a recreation of a toilet that was enormously popular in the 1990s for its unique look and effective flushing performance. In its day the Veneto was considered one of the best flushing models available but was weak when it came to bowl cleaning. The HET technology addresses that issue.

Porcher Chapeau Toilet


Chapeau and Ovale are new designs for Porcher. I personally really like the Chapeau design. It is a good example of the way Porcher has started with a standard 1 piece toilet and transformed it into something new.

Porcher Archive 1PC Toilet



Of course not all the new designs are Transitional. Two models, Archive and Lutezia, echo traditional themes; and Lutezia is a 2 piece model.  Both Lutezia and Archive are “suite” products meaning there are matching sinks, baths and furniture available.

Lutezia 2PC Toilet

Finally there is the Porcher “Solutions” toilet. It is consistent with the other LXP 1 piece toilet designs, adding the more squared look that has become so popular.  “Solutions” is a new suite for Porcher (see picture above) and is designed for small spaces. The suite includes several sink selections as well as furniture and bathtubs. In addition to the LXP toilet the Solutions collection includes a wall mount toilet for in-wall carrier.

Porcher Solutions one piece

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