Space Solutions for a Small Bath Remodel

Do you have a small bathroom that just isn’t what you need? No storage, no countertop space and no room to move. Perhaps you would like to remodel but can’t think of how to make it better? Here are a few ideas that might help make that small bathroom a more functional space.

Duravit Vero for Small Bath - Wall Toilet

In-Wall Tank Toilets

In wall tank toilets are very common throughout the world but few people in the US are familiar with them. These toilets use an inside-the-wall carrier which provides the flushing mechanism as well as the support for the bowl. By placing the tank inside the wall a system like this saves several inches of space in front of the toilet; 6 – 8 inches when compared to a standard elongated toilet. In addition, these models allow you to set the bowl at the standard height or to raise it to a more comfortable height.

Geberit In Wall Carrier for Dual Flush

 In-wall tank systems have been around for many years and there are millions installed worldwide so you can be confident in this system. Geberit is the best known provider of carriers but in the last couple of years both Grohe and Toto have entered the market. Originally a 2×6 wall was required but now there are carriers available for the 2×4 walls typical of residential construction. All carriers currently available by these manufacturers are for dual flush bowls.

 Of course the in-wall tank is only part of the equation; you will also need a flush actuator and a bowl. There are several companies making really attractive toilets for in-wall carriers. Duravit, Lacava, Porcher and Toto all offer wall hung bowls with Duravit offering the most extensive collection of styles. Flush actuators mount on the wall at the top of the carrier and also provide access to the tank should service be needed. In some cases it is also possible to mount the plate on the opposite side of the wall or to get a remote actuator button that can be mounted for easier access. These plates are available in a variety of finishes and styles.

Lavaca Suave Wall Hung Toilet

Wall Hung Vanities

Ronbow Wall Hung with Drawer

One common problem with small bathrooms is a lack of storage space. You might have room for a small vanity but it may make a small room seem crowded. A wall mount vanity, being open underneath, can avoid that sense of crowding while still offering some needed storage space. Even though there is a sink many of these cabinets today have a drawer that is shaped to allow the drain to pass through while still providing some drawer space. In other cases there is a drawer concealed behind the main door.

Another option is a vanity with legs like the Fairmont Woodwood. This cabinet gives you both a small drawer and a towel shelf while still providing an open look. Vanities with this open style can be found in both traditional and contemporary designs. The second concern with small vanities is countertop space. One solution is to use integral sink top to provide some counter space in a small dimension.

Wall hung cabinets start as small as 18″ so there is a model to fit even the smallest bathroom.

Wall Cabinet Storage

Robern M Series 70" Cabinet - Lots of Storage

 A lot of us think of medicine cabinets as a small mirrored cabinet above the sink, OK for storing same bottles and such but not really good for much else. That started to change when Robern got into the business. Starting with the humble medicine cabinet Robern has created an extensive collection of wall cabinets for the bath. There are many things that make Robern different from the rest. First there is the quality of construction. Robern makes the box out of aluminum to prevent rusting and water damage. The interior as well as the door are mirrored and the door seal prevents moisture from getting inside the cabinet.

 Robern’s other strenght is all the storage solutions they offer. First, they have not only taller than standard cabinets but also extended depth; six and eight inches. These can be partially recessed into the wall giving you enough space to store toilet paper, towels, etc. without extending too far into the room. Extended depth cabinets are available in 30”, 34”, 40” and 70” height and 15”, 19” and 24” width making it possible to find the right size for your needs.

 Robern cabinets also offer some optional features like interior electrical outlets which allow you to store small appliances out of sight but ready for use.

Wall Accessories

Smedbo Hook Swing

 A common problem in modern baths is having enough space for towel bars. One solution is to use hooks instead. These can be located in small spaces where a regular bar may not fit. Smedbo and Alno both make some interesting multi-hook products for small spaces. Towel shelves with bar or double towel bars allow you to hang two or more towels in a small space. An unusual accessory is the hairdryer holder. One of these will get that hair-dryer off the countertop and gives you a place to put it that is safe and convenient.

Alno Classic Weave Reserve Tissue Holder

Spare toilet paper holders are common in Europe. These give you an easy place to keep that spare roll. Or perhaps you prefer a double tp holder? Wire baskets are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles and can be really useful, especially in the shower.

 Some even offer additional hooks to keep a shaver or washcloth. There is a pretty wide range of cost for these baskets depending on both style/size and on construction. It does pay to get a better quality one as the cheaper versions have a tendency to rust.

 There are many products available today that can solve all sorts of bathroom challenges. If you are looking for a solution please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.

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