A Sampling of Bath Accessories (Towel Bars and Such)

Towel bars are one of those things that you don’t think much about most of the time but these are an important part of a successful, functional and even a beautiful bathroom.

CSI Bamboo Collection

Sonia Eletech Towel bar

Sonia Eletech Towel bar

Many faucet lines offer matching accessories. Delta, Moen, American Standard, Grohe and many others offers towel bars and accessories to match their faucets. There are also many companies that specialize in bathroom accessories including Sonia, Alno, Smedbo and Ginger.  Companies that specialize in accessories generally offer a wider range of choices and models than faucet makers do. For example if you want a 30” bar or a choice of sizes for robe hooks you may have to go to a specialty maker to find what you need. On the other hand if you are working with a specialty finish or have an unusual design you may want to stick with the matching accessories.

Bathroom accessories are available in a very wide range of prices; for a 24” towel bar you could spend $20 or $500 (and all points in between). Like many things price will depend on what it’s made of, the construction, the finish and the design.

Sonia Nakar Glass Shelf with Towel Bar

Here are a few of the specialty lines were offer at General Plumbing Supply.


Sonia is a Spanish company that sells bath accessories, vanities, and sinks.  Sonia has 11 collections of accessories, each of which offers 4 sizes of towel bar (12”, 18”, 24” and 30”), double towel bars, hooks, towel rings, tumbler holders, soap dishes, soap dispensers, toilet paper holders and toilet brush set.  Sonia also offers a selection of wire baskets and mirrors.

Smedbo Freestanding TP Holder with Brush


Smedbo is a Swedish manufacturer of fine bath accessories. They are known for some innovative ideas like their hairdryer holders and multi-hook systems. The collection “Living” is a group of multi-use grab bars in straight, curved and “V” forms.

Smedbo Spa Hook Swing

 In addition Smedbo makes some useful floor mount accessories and shower seats. The floor mount (or freestanding) series includes tp holders and towel rails. Smedbo alsi has a great collection of hooks that can be used in the bath or other rooms of the house.


Creative Specialties International (CSI)

Fina Collection by CSI

CSI is probably best known as the maker of accessories to match Moen products as well as curved shower rods and products for home safety.  The decorative bath accessories are divided into three collections; “Moen”, “Inspirations” and “Donner”.  The Moen collections are accessories to match 11 Moen designs while the Inspirations groups include traditional, contemporary and transitional styles. Donner is focused on commercial and competitively priced product. The CSI “Home Care” group

 includes grab bars, shower seats and other universal design products.


Lacava offers accessories only as a small part of their line but they have some interesting pieces. “Brick” is a series of ceramic shelves that can be used in wet applications as well as dry. “WaterBlade” is a stainless steel shelf assembly available polished or brushed. “Kubista” is a very geometric design; clean lines executed with precise edges and proportions. “Trevi” softens the geometry but maintains the clean look.

Lacava WaterBlade SS Shelf

Lacava Trevi 13 Towel Bar

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