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Julien began as a supplier of kitchen accessories to restaurants in 1946. Leo Julien’s company struggled a bit in the early years but by the 1960’s it was going strong and was awarded the contract to supply kitchen equipment to “Expo 67” in Montreal. In 1995 the company was purchased by a group of its executives whose vision to grow Julien through excellence continues to succeed. Today Julien is known for kitchen products of high quality and design.

Julien Worktop Sink Classic Collection

Julien is known mostly for its stainless steel kitchen sinks, although they also make sinks of fireclay and granite composite. Most of the SS sinks are 16g (the J18 collection is the exception) and are available as under mount, farmhouse or “Worktop” models.

The 16g handcrafted group includes 5 collections; UrbanEdge, J7, Classic, Vintage, Trapezoid and Apron Front/Worktop.

Julien UrbanEdge

You may be familiar with the modern look that many commercial stainless steel sinks have. This is the result of the tight “zero radius” inside corners characteristic of these sinks. The Julien UrbanEdge collection brings this modern look to the residential kitchen with under-mount models in single and double bowl configurations.

Julien J7 Sink

The Julien J7 series builds on the zero radius concept but improves it for home use by opening those tight corners ever so slightly to 7mm. This keeps the crisp look but allows for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Julien Classic Collection with Accessory Drawer

The Julien Classic Collection has rounded corners which are welded and polished by hand. This collection has a softer, more traditional look while still displaying the large interior so typical of Julien. The Classic Collection also includes Julien’s entire stainless Farm House and Worktop sink group.

Julien Vintage Series Sink

The Julien Vintage Collection is a hybrid; the crisp geometry of the UrbanEdge softened with curves for a transitional style. The Vintage Collections uses zero radius corners.

Julien Trapezoid Series

The Julien Trapezoid Collection takes the zero radius and creates a unique shape for a striking design that maximizes cabinet space. Currently available is six configurations for under mounting.

Julien J18 Collection Sink

All the Julien collections discussed above are made in Canada using 16 gauge American steel (type 304). Julien also offers a collection of 18 gauge sinks, the J18 collection. These are also made in Canada from American steel and feature an 18mm inside radius (slightly smaller than the 23mm of the Classic Collection). To my eye this is a perfect balance and makes a sink with a generous bowl. This is a solid product.

Julien Fireclay Farm Sink and Undermount

Julien excels at working with stainless steel but it is not all they offer. Fireclay has become increasingly popular and Julien has entered the fray with several Farm House models and two under mount models, all hand-crafted in England. Julien “Granix” series are manufactured in Germany and are comprised of 80-85% granite. Bound with a high quality acrylic resin these sinks are highly resistant to scratching or chips. In addition the material includes natural silver ions which impart an anti-microbial quality to the product. Perfect for the kitchen! “Granix” sinks are available in both top and under mount models.

Julien Granix Sinks

Julien offers a full line of accessories for their sinks including bottom grids, colanders and cutting boards. All cutting boards are 100% hard rock maple, 1-1/2” thick and safe for food preparation.

You can see Julien J18, Granix and worktop models in our showroom today!

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