Granite and Quartz Kitchen Sinks

How About a kitchen sink made of stone?  “Hard Composite” sinks are made primarily of natural granite which is ground, then combined with an acrylic resin to produce a solid surface material. These sinks are 80%+ natural granite, giving them a hard, durable surface that can hold up to the demands of a working kitchen.

eGranite by Elkay

These sinks go by many names; granite composite, hard composite, quartz as well as brand terms like eGranite (Elkay), Silgranite (Blanco), Quartech (Elkay) and Moenstone (Moen, discontinued). Whatever you call it this is a material with a lot of benefits for a kitchen sink. It is

  • Hard and non-porous
  • Heat resistant
  • Difficult to scratch or stain.
  • Chip resistant  
  • Will not absorb bacteria  (hygienic choice for the kitchen)

The colors and finish of these sinks will vary a bit between manufacturers. Today most manufacturers are making sinks with a smooth, soft sheen. Not a completely matte finish but not shiny like cast iron or fire clay. The colors may have some gradation of tone rather like stone or may be of one color. Most are available in shades of white, off white, gray, brown and black although color selections vary between manufacturers.

Blanco Performa 1-3/4 Biscotti

Maintenance on these sinks is very easy. Daily cleaning uses any non-abrasive cleanser with a Scotch Brite pad. More stubborn dirt can be removed with a bleach/water solution or with baking soda or vinegar. Some clients have also told us that a “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser” pad does a good job of removing more stubborn marks.

Once installed these sinks are very tough. However, it is possible to damage a sink in transit if the box is dropped or if it receives a shape blow.  Be sure to keep the sink in a safe place until it is installed.

Julien Q110 Quartz Sink

At General Plumbing we carry granite sinks from three manufacturers; Blanco, Elkay and Julien.

Blanco has been producing their Silgranite sinks for many years and we are now into the Silgranite II series. Blanco has taken several of their most popular stainless styles and brought those out in Silgranite models. While Blanco does offer a few self-rimming models most of their Silgranite sinks are designed for under mounting.

Blanco Silgranite

Elkay offers two series of granite sinks; the eGranite and Quartech. These two collections have slightly different surfaces with the Quartech being slightly shiny with a very smooth surface and the eGranite a more matte finish. Quartech sink models feature a work shelf or bridge and come in double and single bowl models. eGranite sink models include standard and single bowl models as well as a contemporary curved bowl model.

Quartech by Elkay

Julien is perhaps the newest vendor of granite sinks. Known for making exception stainless steel Julien has recently introduced a couple of quartz sinks (single and double bowl) in under mount and self-rimming. Julien quartz is available in White, Brown, Beige and Black.

We are currently displaying Elkay eGranite in Bisque and Quartech in Java. Julien quartz in brown and will be adding Blanco Biscotti in a couple of weeks.

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2 thoughts on “Granite and Quartz Kitchen Sinks

  1. Ramona Trahan says:

    Good Morning: I am having my kitchen remodeled. Which is the better sink Quartz or granite and why?

    Thank you
    Ramona Trahan

  2. “Better” can depend on many factors. When you say quartz vs. granite I am not sure if you are refering to both as composite type sinks or to a sink made from solid granite (yes, these do exist). Composites may be called quartz or granite but both are made of a stone/resin composite. A sink actually made from granite would, I expect, require a lot of care to stay looking good.

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