American Standard FloWise Collection of Toilets

Until recently all toilets were required to use a maximum of 1.6 gallons per flush. By 2014 this requirement will drop to a max of 1.28 gallons per flush (in California this 1.28 requirement goes into effect in July 2011). With these new regulations coming most manufacturers are slowly eliminating all the 1.6 gallon flush toilets from their line.

AMS Boulevard 1PC Toilet - LXP


American Standard has put a lot of engineering into their toilets and today offers high performance flushing platforms for their FloWise (1.28 gallon per flush)products; LXP, Champion 4 and Cadet 3. Also available is the H2Option models which achieve the 1.28 gpf standard with dual flush technology.  Currently American Standard also has several models that still use the older 1.6 gpf technology but I expect we will see these disappear over the next few years.


Because General Plumbing Supply is located in California we are focused on 1.28 gpf models. The top of the line American Standard models are those in the LXP Luxury Performance group. The LXP group is distinguished by both looks and performance. These models use a 3” flush valve and score 1000g on MaP testing and include the “EverClean” surface which inhibits the growth of bacteria. These models also include a slow close seat standard and carry a 10 year warranty. The Town Square, Boulevard and Tropic one piece and the Town Square two piece toilets currently make up the LXP group.AMS Champion 4 2 pc Toilet


Next in the 1.28 gpf division is the Champion 4 platform. American Standard introduced this platform several years ago as a 1.6 gpf model. Unfortunately the original version had a few bugs and although these were finally fixed it did leave some distributors with a bad feeling about Champion.  Perhaps American Standard should have retired the name but they did not and truly the Champion 4 is a very high performing product. Today’s Champion 4 toilets feature a 4” flush valve and 2-3/8” trap as well as EverClean and a 10 year warranty. Champion is offered in traditional and contemporary one piece models and in the Oakmont, Townsend, Doral, Skyline and standard Champion style two piece toilets.


Next is the Cadet 3 series, the workhorse of the family. These models offer a 3” flush valve and glazed 2-1/8” trap. The Cadet 3 is offered in standard design as well as the Studio and Tropic models which offer styling to match with AMS Boulevard and Tropic series lavatory sinks. Cadet 3 toilets are also available in regular or “Right Height” (higher seat height) and 10”, 12” and 14” rough models are available as well and round front or elongated. There is also a “Compact Cadet” 1 piece space saver toilet that provides an elongated bowl that will fit in a round front space.

AMS Compact Cadet 1PC

Also available are the H2Option toilets which are dual flush, the idea being that sometimes you use 1 gallon and sometimes 1.6 gallons and so the average is 1.28 gpf. Dual flush toilets were very popular for awhile but I think will become less so as 1.28 gpf models become more effective. Dual flush toilets use a different flushing system that often not as satisfactory in terms of bowl cleaning.

This is an overview of American Standards 1.28 gpf. AMS is still offering 1.6 gpf models as well as models in the old “Aqua Force” technology. I expect 2011 will bring significant changes to the business of toilets.

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