Waterstone Faucets – A Unique Faucet Collection

Waterstone is a high quality, innovative maker of kitchen faucets and accessories.

Waterstone Towson Kitchen Faucet

All Waterstone faucets are made of solid brass or stainless steel and are manufactured in the USA. What makes Waterstone unique is their commitment to developing full line kitchen faucet collections.

There are many manufacturers of high quality faucets out there but in most cases individual manufacturers do not offer a complete collection. So you may buy your faucets and soap dispenser from one brand, the air gap and strainers from a second brand and the instant hot from a third brand. Yes, we can get very close on color and compatible in style but it isn’t really a true suite.

Waterstone Annapolis Gantry faucet

Waterstone saw this and decided that it was time to offer complete collections. Today Waterstone offers 6 styles; Annapolis, Fulton, Hampton, Hunley, Parche and Towson. Each collection includes a main sink faucet, prep sink faucet, bar and filtration faucets, deck and wall mount pot fillers, side sprays and soap dispenser, air switch and air gap and instant hot faucets.

In addition each suite includes Waterstone unique “Gantry” style faucet. The “Gantry” builds on the design of a commercial pre-rinse faucet and adapts it for use in the residential kitchen, combining a standard spout and separate pull-down spray. The “Gantry” is not for everyone but is perfect for someone who wants unique style, quality and function.

Hunley Positive Lock Pull-down mini suite by Waterstone

This year Waterstone has introduced their Positive Lock Pull-down kitchen faucet mini-suites. These “mini-suites” include a pull-down faucet, air gap, air switch and soap dispenser. The positive lock  holds the spray head firmly in place, avoiding the loose connection sometimes seen on less well made faucets. The spray head extends 18″ from the spout and uses a pre-positioned counterbalanced weight to provide smooth operation. 

If you want addition items you may  combine the pull-down faucets with the Hunley family for a complete suite.


Amazingly, Waterstone offers their faucets in 30 different finishes including the basics (chrome, brushed nickel, stainless), the unusual (5 bronzes, 4 coppers, plus distressed and matte colors) and the precious (satin and polished gold). This gives you the options of coordinating with a huge range of interior finishes.

All Waterstone faucets include 360 degree spout range, ceramic disc cartridges and a limited lifetime warranty. Additional features offered on certain collections are outlined in the Waterstone “Features and Benefits” statement.

We display Waterstome in our American Canyon showroom. If you would like more information or just have a question please feel free to give us a call or use our contact form above. Thank you!

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