Why Buy from a Plumbing Showroom?

It seems that every few years I find myself shopping for a new computer and it is something I face with a mixture of dread and anticipation. Except for the admitted drudgery of downloading to the new machine having a new computer is neat. More features, more speed, better visual, just lots of new stuff to enjoy. But I don’t get to that part until I actually buy the new machine and it is the buying process that I dread.

 You see I don’t really understand computers all that well. I understand the very basic stuff and there are some functions I know I need but when it comes to comparing features I don’t feel well equipped to evaluate and compare. I don’t know enough to predict how features may interact and so I don’t always have the confidence I’d like when making the decision to buy an expensive piece of equipment.

 In today’s economy I think many of us are feeling very cautious about make big spending decisions. Money is not to be wasted. Today we consumers have more options about where to buy AND are much more educated, thanks to the Internet.  There is a huge amount of information online and search engines like Google have made finding it relatively easy. When I searched I got some good basic information about selecting a computer but I was still uncertain about what was best. I read reviews and comparisons which helped but were limited because these comparisons couldn’t tell me why one feature might be useful for me or another not so useful. What I really wanted was someone who knew the products and had experience and so could advise me what would work best for MY needs.

In the end I bought a computer over the phone from a company that had an employee discount program with my employer at the time. I didn’t buy so much for the discount but because I hadn’t found anyone better to help me. It turned out OK but there are a couple of things that don’t perform well for the work I do. Not the end of the world, just annoying. Everything was done over the phone or online but I don’t think that was the problem.  I think it was that the salesperson helping me basically said “look at the list of features and tell me what you want” instead of “ tell me how you use your computer and what you need to do and I will help you decide which features are best for you”. It’s an important difference.

 I imagine that people shopping for home improvement products are in a situation similar to what I faced buying a computer. They know where they want to end up but not exactly how to get there. It’s not just that buying the wrong thing can be an expensive mistake. It’s the frustration of  having to live with the wrong thing annoying us instead of enjoying what we wanted.

The purpose of a showroom like ours is to help you to not pick the wrong thing. We work with the “tell me what you want to have or need to do and I will help you find the best way to do it” method. If this sounds like what you’re looking for please visit us soon. We’d love to meet you!

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