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Toto is well on its way to becoming a household name. When I started at General Plumbing Supply in the mid-nineties the only Toto we had heard of was a few glass bowls we had received as samples from Japan. Today people come in asking for Toto by name.

Neorest Suite by Toto

How did Toto become so well known? I think they did it in great part by finding a problem and being the best at solving it. The problem was the mandate for 1.6 toilets that became law in 1995. At the time there were other companies offering 1.6 toilets but none of them worked all that well. Toto came in with just a few models but they worked great and soon most of what we were selling was Toto.

For a long time there were very few style choices and nothing very decorative. No faucets, no tubs just some lavatories and toilets that flushed really well. But slowly they introduced some new styles and began to develop some suites. But what really kept Toto advancing was a focus on technology that kept creating new, high performance water saving products.

Toto Ryohan Vessel

One of Toto’s signature products is the Neorest which might be called the ultimate toilet.

Toto Neorest

 Introduced in 2003 the Neorest includes Toto’s unique cyclone flush action and bidet seat functions. The Neorest can be programmed to raise the seat automatically when someone approaches the toilet and will automatically close the lid after a short period of time. The washing and drying functions are operated by remote control from a wall mount touch pad. The Neorest is now available in two sizes; the 600 and the 550.


Now the Neorest concept has been extended to a complete experience suite. The air bath for two includes cascading shoulder warmers and underwater lighting. The lavatory has an integrated fill spout and is sensor activated. Soon Toto will be introducing Neorest II, continuing the tradition of innovation and exceptional experience.

Neorest Air Bath

Neorest is the premier Toto product and is aimed at the very discerning individual. For the rest of us Toto has created an extensive collection of styles and products. I think my favorite is the “Soiree” collection, a clean line architectural look. The Soiree (and EcoSoiree) 1pc toilet includes the new double cyclone flushing system which has replaced G-max as Toto’s top-of-the-line system (you will find it on the Toto Drake II and Ultramax II models as well). In addition the suite includes pedestal and counter sinks, bathtub and faucet collection.

Soiree Suite by Toto

The Guinevere suite has a more traditional look with fluted corners and molded edges.  The pedestal sink is available in two sizes and the matching faucets come in polished chrome or brushed or polished nickel. The Lloyd suite also has traditional lines but has been adapted to a “transitional” look. The toilet is available with an antique cherry seat or with an all white seat for a more contemporary look. The sink is available as a contemporary metal leg console or a wood table frame with metal feet.

Guinevere Suite by Toto

For those with traditional taste Toto also offers the Clayton, Mercer and Carrollton suites. The Nexus and Pacifica suites are for those who prefer a more modern look.

Aquia Wall Hung Toilet

Waza Noir by Toto

Kiwami 1 hole by Toto

In addition to their Suite products Toto has continued to expand their offerings of toilets, sinks and faucets.  Toto has recently introduced the Aquia wall hung toilet; a variation on the existing Aquia dual flush line.  The Supreme II, Carolina II, Carlyle II and Vespin II all meet the new Water Sense requirements and offer the superior cleaning of the Double Cyclone flush. Toto has also moved more into the design world with the new faucets (Kiwami, Design C) and Waza lavatory sinks.

Toto Water Sense Toilets

So there is more to Toto than you might think. Stop by some time and we will show you more. We are the only Toto Gold Gallery in the Napa Valley.

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2 thoughts on “Toto – Innovation, Technology, Quality…Good Looks Too!

  1. Barbara Matsuura says:

    I am buying a home in Hercules and would like to have the Toto Washlet from Japan. I do not see a price list on your site.
    Also I would like to ask if you do the installation, as there is no electric outlet next to the toilets. Hope to hear from you soon, as I will travel to Japan on Oct 28
    best regards,

  2. We do carry the Toto Washlet in stock. We do not offer installation services but it is an easy item to install. You will probably want to have an outlet installed near the toilet.

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