Bathroom Sinks – Vessels and Above Counter

In the late 90’s through the early 2000s vessel sinks gained enormous popularity in

Vitraform Glass Freestanding Sink

 bathroom design. The first vessels I remember were glass freestanding bowls by Vitraform, a maker of very high quality annealed glass sinks. As interest in vessel sinks continued we saw new materials being used; so in addition to glass we had copper and stainless, porcelain, bronze and stone and even wood.

Styles change and sometimes what was once very popular may become outdated. Is that the case with vessel sinks? In my opinion no, although I do think we are seeing a change in styles and finishes. I see fewer of the very simple, clean line glass models and more styles with more of a natural, earthy look.


Linkasink is one of my favorite manufacturers because of the quality of design and materials

Linkasink Smithsonian English Cut Work Sink

they use. The make sinks in porcelain, stone mosaic, copper, bronze and onyx for the bath and kitchen. A few years ago they introduced their “Smithsonian Collection”. This collection, under licensing from the Smithsonian Institute, is a seven piece series of sinks based on historic designs, patterns, textures and

Linkasink Mother of Pearl Mosiac

colors found within the Smithsonian Museum collections. Linkasink is also known for their mosaic work seen in both vessel and under mounts sinks and will do custom patterns and colors.


Lenova Bamboo Vessel

Lenova is a fairly recent addition to the world of vessel sinks. They have introduced a series of vessel sinks made of bamboo! These sinks show-off the beauty of the bamboo but are durable enough to be used as sinks, both in the bathroom and the kitchen. Lenova has also introduced the

Lenova Celadon

 “Celadon” vessel which is a round sink with a natural looking textured exterior and a delicate green interior color.

 Porcher has been working with more natural materials and has recently introduced the Slate

Laveggi Slate Basin by Procher

series of sinks. Available in any of five architectural styles, each sink is made of a single piece of volcanic slate and honed to a soft finish. Made in Italy each sink has distinctive veining within

Liberum Bronze Vessel by Porcher

 the dark grey color. Porcher also continues to offer their collection of vessels made of solid bronze. These freeform sinks come in either bronze or white bronze and have hand finished surfaces that will patina naturally over time.

Glass has not disappeared and now is being combined with metal and minerals to produce

Alchemy Glass Mosaic Vessel

unique pieces. Alchemy Glass of Los Angeles is making sinks that have a very “Old World” feel to them rather than the modern look of some glass. The Mosaic sink has pillowed pieces of glass mosaic fused into the wall of the sinks. The Terra Nova

Alchemy Terra Nova

used glass pebbles to create a riverbed-like texture to this sink’s interior. Sinks in the Cienega series have different minerals and metals fused between layers of glass to produce a variety of colors and effects. Alcheny also produces tiles, light fixtures and mirros to coordinate with their vessel designs.

Stone continues to be used and new types are being introduced all the time. The Montecito

Terra Acqua Montecito Basin

Collection  by Terra Acqua  is a series of stone vessels of various styles and colors. The “Miramar” is a petite basin made out of a stone the color of lavender and green. The “Fuera” is a

Terra Acqua Fuera Vessel

 rectangular vessel available in six natural stone colors. This is a flatter open style that gives the user more water space and protects against the splashing that you can get with a small sink.

As you can see vessel sinks have continued to look to the future with new designs. You can see most of the sinks discussed in this article in our American Canyon or Walnut Creek showrooms.

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