Hansgrohe iBox Universal Rough

Every year brings the introduction of new products. This year with the economy down many manufacturers kept things simple. That is, except for Hansgrohe. This year Hansgrohe has introduced the iBox Universal Plus to the North American market.

This really is a great product for everyone; the supplier, the designer, the homeowner, the contractor and the plumber. As a universal rough it replaces the 13 existing roughs that Hansgrohe has previously used, so we now stock just one SKU. Trim from all Hansgrohe styles work with the iBox so you can install the iBox before you make a final decision on the trim. This means the project doesn’t have to wait for a design decision.


An adjustable installation rings allow the iBox to be installed at different depths in almost any wall material. It can even fit into a depth of 2-1/4” when using the shallow extension set.

Sealed housing prevents in-wall leaks

  • The iBox has water-tight seals so any potential leaks will drain into the shower compartment and not the wall.
  • The iBox includes built-in service stops for easy maintenance
  • The iBox is design to be easily flushed without the trim and keeps hot and cold water isolated.
  • The function block ships with the trim. This reduces the expense of stocking and prevents theft and damage at the job site.
  • The function block rests on rubber seals and trim attaches to the housing. Both these act to reduce noise transferring to the finish wall.
  • iBox Simplified Flushing

    Trim will fit even if the iBox is accidently installed upside down!

  • Extensions are available if the iBox is installed too deep.





The iBox replaces multiply roughs so with an iBox you can have pressure balance or thermostatic.  When used with Hansgrohe trim the thermostats can be ordered with one volume control or two making it perfect for dual outlet showers or single showers where volume control is a concern. Or the iBox can be used in conjunction with a trio or Quattro diverter for multiple outlet installations.

Metris C Pressure Balance


While the iBox is new to North America it was first introduced in

Solaris Thermostatic with Volume Control

 Europe in 2001, so there is almost a decade of experience and engineering behind it. Founded in 1901 by Hans Grohe in Schiltach, Germany the Hansgrohe company has been making quality, innovative product since before many of today’s manufacturers even existed. The Grohe family still has a strong presence in the company and it shows in the way they manage and market the company.


Visit out showroom. We have the iBox on display and can show you all the details.

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4 thoughts on “Hansgrohe iBox Universal Rough

  1. My questions is. Would I be able to install a shower head, a hand shower and a tub spout using they Ibox with a trim with options 1 and 2, tub spout with a diverter using a twin ell. As I don’t want to have an extra knob which will be the case if I was to use a separate diverter.

    Thank you

  2. larry walatkiewicz says:

    we are torn between installing hansgrohe hand shower pole units – one with tub and one with shower only or considering the Symmons line ..

    is the Ibox only good for the hansgrohe products???

    one issue we have with the hansgrohe product verus the symmons product is the slide up and down motion is by a push in button on the symmons and with hand problems the push buttom slide is easier

    can you offer any insight and information that will aid us in our decision

    Thank you larry walatkiewicz 4285 wentworth drive troy mi 48098 or office email at larry.walatkiewicz@grubb-ellis.com office cell 248 514 9213

  3. There are a couple of things here. The Hansgrohe ibox can only be used with Hansgrohe trim (for the valve), but you can use any shower bar. If you like the functionality of the ibox you could use a Symmons shower bar with that. Hansgrohe does also make the Raindance S and Raindance E wall bars which both offer a sliding action that does not require you to push a button or squeeze. Rohl also makes a very nice squeeze style shower bar, the Ocean4.

  4. The only way I can think to do that would be to use a diverter on the shower arm to operate the handshower. The ibox offers either a simple pressure balance, a thermostatic with one volume control or a thermostatic with volume control and diverter for two options. There is not a bypass to allow for the use of a diverter spout with twin ell.

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