New Styles in Under Mount Sinks

                Under mount bathroom sinks are very popular today and it is easy to understand why. An under mount installation provides a clean look and makes the bath easier to maintain. If you have a countertop material that you want to show off an under mount sink minimizes the sink and shows off the counter top.

Under Mount Bathroom Sinks with Style

American Standard Studio Under Mount Sink

Years ago most under mount sinks were ovals but today one can find sinks that are rectangular, square, round or other

American Standard Boulevard Under Mount Sink

free shapes. Lately rectangular sinks have become very popular. The American Standard “Studio” and “Boulevard” are good examples of rectangular under mount sinks. Note the curved interior bowl of the “Studio” vs. the flat angles of the “Boulevard” interior. While the sinks share a rectangular shape the detail of the interior shape gives each sink a individual look.

Toto Waza Barocco Under Mount Sink

 Toto has also add new style to the under mount group.

Toto Soiree Under Mount Bathroom Sink

“Soiree” is  modified rectangular which offers a softer look that is still consistent with a more architectural design. The “Legato”, “Waza Tiraz” and “Waza Barocco” based on classic architectural themes offer designers options not seen previously. These offer designs that are a little different without being too unusual.

Bates & Bates Anita Under Mount SInk

 In addition to shapes some under mount sinks are

American Standard Rattan Under Mount Bathroom Sink

incorporating patterns or textures on the interior surfaces. The “Anita” by Bates and Bates offers a classic shell design. The “Rattan” by American Standard has a braided texture as the names suggests. The Toto “Promenade” has a stacked detail that echoes the details seen on the Promenade toilet.

                All the sinks I have mentions above are made of

Native Trails Calabash Under Mount Sink

vitreous china but there are other materials available out there. Copper has become very popular as seen in this “Calabash” sink by Native Trails. The “Oval Wing” by

Linkasink Oval Wing Bathroom Sink

 Linkasink displays a detailed tooled pattern in with a brushed nickel finish. Glass is also seen in under mount sinks, typically with a heavy pattern or frosting to conceal the interior of the cabinet from being seen through the sink. One example is this TP1916 amber under mount glass sink by Ronbow.

                So before you settle on a plain oval sink take some time to see what’s out there. One way you can do this is to visit our showroom where we can show you sinks by American Standard, Porcher, Toto, Native Trails and many more. You can download our showroom flyer here which includes a map to our loction. We look forward to seeing you!

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