Kitchen Sink Basics

Kitchen sinks are one of the most commonly requested items in our showroom and the choices of material and style have grown tremendously over the years. For the most part kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel, fireclay, cast iron or composite. Copper has gained in popularity lately and we occasionally see sinks made from granite or soap stone.

Stainless steel is the most varied in style and construction and is the most misunderstood. You can buy a 33″X22″ dbl bowl stainless sink for $100.00 or $2000.00 and all points in between. To read mode about stainless sinks please see the tab under Product Knowledge and refer to our blog posts.

Fireclay is a great choice for both looks and durability. More companies have begun offering fireclay but still the choice of styles is limited compared to stainless steel. In general fireclay is a somewhat more expensive option.

Composite sinks have been around a long time and include a number of different brands. Not all composite sinks are made the same way. For example, Swanstone offers sinks made from their plastic compound that is compression molded. It is extremely heat resistant and tough. Quartz is another type of composite made from a blend of true quartz stone and a resin or plastic bonding material. These types of sinks have been around for 20+ years and will deliver years of service. Composite sinks do offer a fairly good range of styles, colors and prices.

Cast iron is offered by only a few manufacturers the most familiar of which is the Kohler Company. Kohler has continued to create beautiful options in cast iron and you can find styles both basic and intricate. Commercial Enameling is a California based company that also offers cast iron kitchen sinks.

These are the most common choices but not the only ones. Copper is gaining popularity in the kitchen. Soapstone is a material with a long history in the kitchen and can still be purchased from a few vendors today. Many manufacturers offer sinks cut from natural stone, most commonly in a farm sink style.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Sink Basics

  1. “More companies have begun offering fireclay but still the choice of styles is limited compared to stainless steel.”
    Where else can I read about this?

  2. Fireclay sinks are available from Rohl, Franke, Herbeau and Elkay to name the main ones we work with. These links will take you to pages with additional information.

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